Born and bred in London, Becci moved to Brighton for University and has stubbornly stayed put ever since. Now she lives in Hove, actually, with her Husband, Sven, and non-stop-from-dusk-till-dawn toddler, Finn. When she’s not trawling the internet swooning over baby clothes, she’s foraging in the fridge for whatever she can throw together for dinner. To that end, she also writes a food blog called Feed & Gastro. Although a native of chaos, she’s learning to Get Organised. She loves Instagram, Brighton beach, and starting things that she never finishes. Her unrelenting obsession is Italy, and she drags her family and whoever else who will follow whenever she can. For the last 7 years, she had been working in publishing, but dreaming of more.

In 2011, Finn was born and then the chaos really began.

The beautiful illustration on the header of my website is by the extremely talented illustrator (who also happens to be my sister), Hannah Waldron. Check out her blog and shop.


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