Etsy pick: seventy tree






How fantastic are these prints from seventy tree? One of my favourite shops on etsy, I love how vivacious and full of joy the prints are. Also, the profusion of triangles totally feeds my obsession with geometrics (for an insight into why I’m so drawn to them see my sister’s website). I feel like I need the ‘get up, have fun’ print on the wall by my bed to remind me that life and parenting is about having fun and being silly, and I definitely want Finn to have that philosophy (if toddlers can have philosophies) too. But it’s the animal prints that really get my mouse-finger twitching to press the ‘Add to Cart’ button. I love the seventrytree classic, bear of few words rethought as everyone’s friend, and the big bear, big fox and big panda just completely fill me with joy. Bravo, illustrator Kerry Layton, Bravo.

You can find seventy tree prints on Etsy and on Kerry’s own website, where you can also read her beautiful and inspiring blog.


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