Eight of the best… quilts and kantha blankets

It’s been so cold these last few weeks, I’ve found myself browsing the internet for extra warmth. My hunt has led me to some luscious cosy looking quilts, but what I’m really pining over is a Kantha blanket. These beautiful hand-stitched quilts are made by sewing layers of cloth, traditionally vintage saris, together and then stitching using a traditional, delicate “Kantha” stitch. As they are layered but lightweight, they are perfect for the transition from winter to spring. And super pretty and colourful too. Here are ten of the best patchwork quilts and kantha blankets.



The Beci Orpin patchwork quilt from Urban Outfitters (online only, £120) would really brighten up my bedroom, and my life.


I love the use of different colourful prints on this quilt from Anthropologie, £128.


It may just be this very cool kid that is making this quilt look awesome, but I don’t think so. Love the aztec prints and the parquet-esque design. From etsy shop, Thief & Bandit, $385.



These adorable quilted blankets from Moochicbaby have been a permanent feature on my wish list ever since Finn was born. The prints are super cute! I have a soft spot for the Tuktuk, £39.99.


Pony love? Love, love, love. The quilts from Auggie come in a variety of prints, and grown-up sizes too. The toddler size ones are $125.


This quilt is pretty cosmic – or cosmically pretty! Available from visje bij de thee in baby blanket (€59.95) and single bed (€149.95) sizes.



This is a beautiful example of a classic kantha quilt – I love the faded antique quality. From etsy shop, jaisalmer handloom, $129.

And finally…



This one gets two pics, because it is The One. I love the colour, the print, the intricate stitching… everything. The perfect Kantha quilt from Gypsya etsy shop, $128. Hint, hint, friends and family 🙂


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