HURRY: Last minute stocking fillers at Carousel




This is the first Christmas Finn is going to be old enough to really *get* Christmas. I mean, at 20 months he really still doesn’t have any idea of what’s going on, but he’ll still enjoy all the fuss and splendour that accompanies the strangely adorned tree in the living room. As a child, me and my siblings always got most excited about our stockings. It was just so magical. We’d go to sleep with a flaccid hole-y old stocking at the end of our bed, and when we woke up it would have transformed into a giant snake stuffed to the brim with exciting little trinkets (and sweeties). Amazing.

So, this year I was really excited to stuff Finn’s stocking with fun little toys. However, when I got down to it I found it really difficult to find the types of things I wanted to get. Retro stocking fillers, like bouncy balls, water pistols, wiggly snakes (the definitive stocking filler), and other cheap but fun trinkets.

However, a couple of days ago, the lovely ladies at Babyccino Kids brought this amazing shop to my attention, and all my prayers were answered. I immediately filled my virtual basket with all the amazing little toys that I knew Finn would absolutely love. And they are absolutely reasonably priced too, which stocking fillers really have to be considering the escalating cost of Christmas.

The bad news is that Carousel’s order deadline for Christmas is TODAY at 1PM. So, you have to get over there ASAP, but I promise you it’s totally worth it, and will solve the headache of filling those scarily large stockings in one fell swoop.

And look how pretty!


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