Bobo choses *new collection*

I know you’ve probably heard everybody else talking about it, but I’m just going to have to throw my hat in the ring, jump on the bandwagon and give you my tuppence worth on the new Bobo Choses collection. It is probably the most exciting and damned-near-perfect collection I have seen for kids, like, ever.

Playful, beautifully illustrated and colourful to boot, the theme of the collection centres round the concept “Album”. The nostalgic and whimsical feel of the clothes is inspired by the unique story that accompanies each of the Bobo Choses collections. But they’re not taking themselves too seriously either. How could they be with the fantastically frivolous cat and dog prints that pop-up throughout the collection!

I love the geometric patterns (please can’t I have that red triangle skirt?). The triangle dress above would just look so cool with boots, and the bodysuit with red squares is the ultimate in cool comfort for babies (or very very nice pjs for toddlers).

However, my absolute favourite thing about this collection is how geared towards boys it is. As a mum of a very style conscious little boy (ok, it’s me), I’m always so frustrated that the boys stuff often seems to plays second fiddle to the more versatile and inspiring girls clothes. I know that there is only so much you can do with jeans and a t-shirt, but in this collection Bobo Choses proves that boys clothes can be exciting, cool, and fun. There are so many pieces I want for Finn, but I better be quick as they’re selling like hotcakes!

My favourites are the yellow bobble hat, the red granddad top, and grey triangle sweatshirt (all pictured). What are yours?

All images courtesy of Bobo Choses.


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