In gratitude to grandmas

After a life-long battle with recurring tonsillitis (overdramatic, moi?), last Friday I finally had them removed. Whilst this is probably a good thing in the long run, there was the short-term problem of how on earth I was going to look after myself and a toddler whilst being in excruciating pain and smacked up on pain meds. Not something that I was looking forward to. So, in my time of need I did what I always have done – and probably always will do… turn to my mum.

No matter how old I get, or how independent our lives become, when I’m ill, or down, or just a bit stuck, it’s always my mum whose number I dial. She is so absolutely the most loveliest person on earth.

So, my mum has been here for the last week looking after Finn, and waiting hand and foot on her somewhat pathetic daughter. And if that wasn’t enough she has been working every evening into the wee hours to get her actual work done, then getting up at 7am to give Finn his morning bottle. She even found time to bake Sven his favourite snacks as a treat for when he got home from work. Wow, I am totally in awe of her. What’s even more inspiring is that she did everything with such joyfulness of heart, patience and, above all, kindness.

I loved watching her play with Finn, who is very into books at the moment and will bring you book after book to read (over and over again). Whilst my enthusiasm for books probably tires after 20 minutes or so, my mum read with him hour after hour, day after day. The two of them really bonded over the week, which is fantastic and so so lovely to watch. And for me, it was just such a treat to have the rare opportunity to spend so much time with my mummy, eat her delicious cooking every night, and be able to relax and recover at my own pace without worry.

So, I just want to say ‘thank you’ to my Mum, Sandy, for her boundless energy, endless patience, and enduring love.


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