Children dressed as animals

Is there anything cuter then children dressed as animals? I’m thinking not. It’s completely irresistible, particularly for me who has a weakness for anything woodland related. And it’s not just amazing for us, for the kiddies it engenders a sense of wonderment and fires out them imagination, which can’t be a bad thing. Well here are two of my favourite Etsy-animal-related-children’s-wear-shops. A niche fashion genre, sure, but for me a frequently visited one. You’re a stronger gal than I if you can resist letting out an audible squeal at the sight of these coats from Little Goodall.

My favourite has to be the lion. I can just imagine Finn roaring round the park terrorising the other kids, and loving every minute.

And for the girls, head over to Wild Things Dresses for amazing short-run dresses made in my husband’s hometown, Chorley. The dresses are beautifully crafted, practical and yet so much fun.

My fave is this fox dress. Who says the girls can’t get up to as much mischief as the boys, and in this frock she’ll be quite the little vixen.

Images from the Etsy shops.

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