Bunting for Boys

It was Finn’s first birthday last month and I took the opportunity to make my first ever bunting. I wanted the bunting to be colourful, celebratory, but most importantly, boy friendly. Also, it was important that after the party the bunting would match the colours in Finn’s room so we could hang it up in there permanently. I wasn’t going to make all that effort just one day, hell no. Having said that, making the bunting was surprisingly quick and easy.

Having selected my two feature fabrics, I simply chose some complementary plain fabrics, marked up the triangles (double the fabric to make this quicker) using a cardboard template, then used some pinking shears to cut out the triangles. Then it’s simply a case of pinning the triangles on to some cotton tape and running your sewing machine along. Et voila. I made my bunting double-sided so that it could hang across the party, but if you’re just hanging it against a wall then you can obviously just do the bunting single-sided. Also, use the cotton tape that folds over, so you get a neat edge.

I’m really pleased with my bunting – it cheers Finn’s room up, without being too girly. Also, if you have a sewing machine and pinking shears, then it’s cheap as chips. Get bunting folks.


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